Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile Today...

There seems to be a cookie gremlin in my house! When I came downstairs this morning, one of two full, large, ziploc bags of homemade chocolate chip cookies was gone!

Leona splashes more enthusiastically each day at dinner time and today was no exception. The water nearly splashed out of the tank!

Finding out one of the cookies that mysteriously disappeared today was traded for cards at a tournament. I hope the cookie was worth it! :)

Finding out that the reason Tony jumped out of his sleep so violently when I pulled the cover over him was because he thought it was a bug crawling down his arm! Oops. Sorry babe!

Sitting next to Tony on the couch listening to music while he messes with cards and I play on the computer because I got out of bed agitated and unable to sleep. The result: my first blog post!

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