Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's Try This Again

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I am pretty hard on myself. Learning to love myself for who I am, bipolar and all, has been a life-long challenge. Sure, I'm young (only 30), but I have a long way to go before being comfortable in my own skin.

Yesterday in counseling, there was a recurring theme: learning pride. I have accomplished so many things in the last two months, and I really wasn't giving myself much credit for them! I would talk about them, but was not exhibiting pride in my accomplishments. Which is pretty funny when I think about how I try to recognize all accomplishments, big and small. I need to learn to be proud of myself for my accomplishments, not just see them and recognize them.

So my new assignment to myself, which I will be using this blog to try to accomplish, is pride for every day, and every accomplishment - big or small.

Let's begin!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I am proud that I got up and out of bed.

I am proud that even though I was groggy, I got up early to enjoy the cooler temperatures.

I am proud that I was present and able to post status updates on Facebook, and comment on other people's posts.

I am proud that I ate well.

I am proud that I showered.

I am proud that I put makeup on for the first time in months.

I am proud that I went to my counseling appointment, which included walking extra to get there instead of taking two busses. I am proud that I took the opportunity to stretch my two very capable legs despite how hot I was feeling.

I am proud that I tired myself out, because my body felt capable and used.

I am proud for the aha moments I had, not only in emailing one of my sisters about my amazing week with my mom, but also in counseling. I am proud to be writing about a day full of things to be proud of.

I am proud of making dinner for Tony and I, despite how tired I was. I am proud of stopping at the Mexican store on the corner for sodas for Tony and I.

I am proud of taking my medications as prescribed.

I am proud of calming myself down when I went to bed so that I could sleep. I am proud of a night without bad dreams, and a night of better sleep.

I am proud that I remembered my assignment to myself and jumped in head-first this morning.

I like this! I hope it sticks!

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