Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moments to be Proud

Today, it is simple for me. I am proud of myself for recognizing my need for some serious rest. I slept most of the day after going to bed at 9:00PM last night. Amazing. I got up at 2:00PM today and had a bowl of cereal so at least I didn't go without food, but I was quickly back to bed to sleep until 5. I needed it, and could tell by the weight I felt each time I woke up. Finally at 5:00 I woke up feeling lighter, and rested.

Unfortunately, my night is taking a "swing" and I don't like it. I'm frustrated over my lack of finances and inability to just buy and do what I want, when I want. Combined with a tummy ache, I am struggling this late evening.

So today, my pride comes from recognition of what I needed (rest), and the confidence to listen to my body and mind and oblige.

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