Saturday, February 6, 2010

Days of the Week

Earlier this week, I had an idea for some blog inspiration. I already have some other "topics" I can draw from when I'm feeling uninspired, yet want to write. But I was excited to work on this and put a little effort into it to see what comes of it. You may have noticed a couple topics specific to the weekday on which it is written, in terms of the focus-word starting with the same letter as the letter of the weekday. Yep, that's the idea! I have come up with the following:

Mindful Mondays,

Tasty Tuesdays,

Wacky Wednesdays,

Thankful Thursdays,

Freeing Fridays,

Silly Saturdays, and

Smiles on Sundays

I owe credit to a couple other places I have seen similar concepts: one, a blog on, and another from the Facebook page of BringChange2Mind. I liked the concept of dedicating one day to being "mindful" or "thankful," but wanted to put my own spin on it so as not to be too serious all the time. Part of doing this blog for myself was to have the ability and freedom to be serious when I need to be, but remember to be silly from time to time and keep humor with me along this journey. So that's what I came up with!

I have decided I these topics will be left up to interpretation of the day and my mood on that day. I will not force myself to write one every day, as sometimes I will want to write about another topic entirely, and some days I will not want to write at all. And I need to be okay with that. This is not something I set out to force myself to do, but to use as an outlet as needed. I have also decided that the topic-word of the day can be altered or even added to (as was done today with Silly "Snowy" Saturday). It's open, and that's part of the fun!

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