Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

It is Thursday, and I cannot believe it has come already. But I'm glad for it because in the midst of my uncertainties this morning, I can take some time to sit back and reflect on what I am thankful for today, this week, in general.

First and foremost, I am thankful to be sitting here writing. The last week was a tough one with medication changes and I was unable to type well for a week. I'm still having trouble but am telling myself hopefully it's just because it's the morning and I'm still stiff and groggy! But to have that ability back is phenomenal because it's one of my favorite things to do.

I find there are so many things I take for granted even when I don't think I'm taking things for granted: like typing, like being alert and cognizant enough to be able to have a conversation, read emails, and even watch TV. But this past week those abilities were challenged. I am just so thankful to start feeling like things are connecting in my brain again, enough that I can feel some semblance of functioning again!

I so am thankful for music. It has been my constant companion this last week through Pandora. I had truly forgotten just how good music makes me feel and how it touches my mood just by changing up (or down) the tempo.

And finally, I am just thankful today for the ability to be thankful. Things get tough when I don't expect them to. And a seemingly great day can be washed out in an instant for me. Not knowing what one day or one minute will hold helps make those good minutes, like right now, that much more to be appreciated.

Thank you body for cooperating for the most part right now, or at least trying. Thank you sister for accepting my help. Thank you Tony for the extra miles you clocked for both me and my sister this week and of course, for being there, and for a super Valentines Day. Thank you doctor for calling me back Tuesday and cutting back my medication dose so that I can function better. Thank you medication for helping me even when I feel like it's not enough, I know you are still there working your best for me. And thank you God and the Universe for reminding me when I least expect it that I am not alone and I have help if and when I need it. Thank you.

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