Saturday, February 20, 2010

Silly (Smarty-Pants) Saturdays

I think I can speak for a lot of other couples out there, that one person in the relationship is usually the "good one" when it comes to certain things. Well, in our relationship, I used to be the "good one" when it came to words, vocabulary, Scrabble, crosswords, and the like. It was cute, I used to kick butt in the word department. It made me feel smart.

BUT THEN! Tony got his hands on my crosswords game for Nintendo DS and it was just downhill from there. That man has mastered that game so successfully that he's lightyears beyond me in terms of the crosswords and anagrams and even word searches he has accomplished. That man is a machine! I mean really? I had no idea he was playing the game THAT MUCH! But he was.

Well that was just the start I'm afraid. Last night we downloaded Boggle on XBox. That boy whooped my butt! I was dumbfounded. That used to be one of my favorite games and he just nailed it!

So then we (I) decided we should try Scrabble Slam, the card game. Yet again… ass handed to me. What in the world?! When did this shift take place? I was the good one with word games! I'm so devastated. I better get to using my brain again, or it's going to turn into tapioca pudding mush! Fo' real.

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