Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smiles on Sundays

Some days are harder than others to find smiles. Today is no exception for me. I find myself feeling terribly manic on the inside, my brain and blood feeling as though electricity is zipping through me, while my body aches and cries out in stiffness and pain from the stress and strains of the week behind it. I am desperate for the ability to sit still, to sit and just completely "veg" out watching mindless television and actually enjoying it. But I feel I need to be stimulated somehow, because if I do not keep my brain going, I feel like my body will explode, or at the very least uncontrollably flail about the room in fits of fury and agitation.

But there are still things to smile about as I think back on my week, and more specifically my weekend.

Our pet turtle, Leona, makes me smile every day, even if it is accompanied by me shaking my head saying "silly turtle." Yesterday, for a good portion of the day, she was basking on her platform so her hind legs were stretched out behind her floating on top of the water. It was too funny, much like when a dog lays on his belly with all four legs stretched out like he's flying. Only Leona's front legs were pretty well tucked, it was just her backside and hind legs stretched out with her big, flat, webbed feet floating behind her as if she were some sort of turtle superhero.

Tony's brother came to visit for the weekend, and I love to see Tony with his family. The smiles family elicits in him make me smile warmly to the very core. I love their jokes, the way they kid with one another, and the lighthearted nature of their interactions.

We ended up getting 28" of snow in Philadelphia yesterday. I love being snowed in. I love opening the blinds to watch the snow fall and listen to the wind howl and blow and drift the snow all around. And I especially love the second day, where the sun is brighter than ever, beaming off the white snow, reflecting into my windows and lighting the house up with sunshine.

I had a blast taking a couple pictures of the snow to send to my good friend in Australia, and found out today that her kids loved the pictures of the snow, and her son even had imaginary phone conversations with me after that. "Hello, Auntie Carrie…" Talk about melting your heart and bringing smiles to your day to hear that!

And she sent photos of the kids and herself and her husband, which made me smile and cry at the same time at the sheer beauty and spirit I see in each of them. It makes me smile that something as simple as a picture, lines and colors, can bring someone closer together if only for that moment.

Another smile pertaining to my friend in Australia, is she asked if I had any suggestions naming their new calf. I can honestly say that until today, I have never thought of what you might name a cow!

And last, but not least, I cannot get through today without smiling that today is the Super Bowl, which means the official END of the football season! Of course I mean no offense to anyone, as I like football too, but football season takes up DAYS of television each week (Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, sometimes Thursdays) and to have a break from watching practically every game of the season will be welcome. Of course, I have a feeling something new will become an obsession (UFC perhaps?), but for now, I will enjoy the last game of the season. I have already enjoyed getting this far through the day without gridiron on! *smile*

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