Saturday, February 6, 2010

Silly (SNOWY) Saturdays

A silly day indeed. We start with nearly two feet of snow… in Philadelphia of all places! The band of precipitation just seemed to cover Southern PA and areas South, so in a twist of events the Northern most part of the Northeast corner of the States did not get a flake! It's too funny for me to sit here looking out the window at cars covered with snow, wind blustering around and blowing the snow all over, yet know that my mom in Scranton is looking out the window to a dry day. I wonder if they have sun!

So to keep with the silliness of the day, the movie of the hour is Major League. I don't think I've ever seen it, and I see why! It's corny alright! Because of the weather, there is barely anything on TV in lieu of news coverage of the "Blizzard" of 2010.

My poor fiancee is outside cleaning off his truck of all the snow. He already shoveled the sidewalks. Such a trooper. And his brother is visiting for the weekend so we'll likely continue the silliness with more goofy movies, jokes, catching up, and maybe even a game or two. Considering I'm not one so much for games, I hope they keep each other company so I can continue to play on my computer and listen to music. is awesome so far. I plugged in one of my favorite artists and have been totally addicted to the station it created for me ever since.

And in a final mention of silliness on this Silly Saturday - my turtle Leona has been basking on her platform, but has her butt hanging off the edge and her two back legs stretched out behind her on top of the water. Have you ever seen a dog lay face-down with his front feet in front of him and his back legs stretched out flat behind him? Yes, that is exactly what my turtle is doing, only the majority of her body is on the basking platform except for her butt sticking out and her two legs just floating on the water. It's hilarious!

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